Under-eye puffiness and dark circles - how to get rid of them?

Imagine waking up to a flawless bright eyes…but Oh my, it would be a dream come true…isn’t it? Partying all night or working on an important assignment for an annoying professor, your eyes would resemble to a cuddly panda.

But wait!! You were not expecting this to be your start of a perfect day! Now you start blaming yourself for not getting enough sleep, how is it possible that you’d be looking like this for your very first interview!

You can see the dream job getting out of your hands as you just can’t show up like a drunk on the day when you had to show your best!Fear not my friends, because we're about to embark on a journey to get rid off those under eye puffiness and dark circles once and for all.

We are about to unfold some precious secrets that might make you look like a daisy in a snap! Below are some marvelous tried and tested tips to enhance your eye beauty.

Love yourself.

Wake up like a queen and remember the queens follow strict skincare routine as well as the routine if your life.

Pamper yourself with discipline and you would see a drastic change within your body and soul. Remember! Your priority is YOU!

Water is Life.

Hydrate yourself with the magic potion of nature; water. The more your under eye area remains moisturized, the lesser your dark circle and puffiness would be.

Spiritual Enhancement.

Adding yoga, mindful meditation exercises to your routine might work wonders for your skin and take away the tiredness and exhaustion away from your face.

A touch of Human magic, eye gel.

No matter how much we try to stay connected to nature, we have made an artificial world of rays and waves that needs to be treated accordingly.

Hydrating Under eye gels are the life savers for a beautiful glowing non-puffy eyes.

But don’t get betrayed by the artificial and dangerous ingredients, your products should be closer to nature as well.

Using products having organic ingredients would serve the purpose just best! Dark circle eye gel from Tuffy Organics are recommended for daily use including natural components like

Conceal like a Pro.

In a rush to an important meeting? No worries! Conceal the under eye area while applying a base of orange/red corrector and you are good to go! However, this should be treated as the last resort and wipe away the product asap for your skin to breath to avoid dehydration.

Teabag Elixir.

Getting back roasted from the scorching heat? Let’s get soothed by a puffy damp teabag to provide your skin the essential stretch and feel calm

Superhero to your rescue.  

Need an immediate and urgent rescue tip? Use sunglasses to cover your most delicate skin area from the harmful UV rays that might hinder in the treatment progress you’ve been putting your heart and soul.


A golden tip! While conquering the battle with puffiness and dark circle, always stay consistent and arm yourself with the best dark circle products. Always choose your weapons wisely and as closest to nature as possible. May you rock the world with your dazzling and bright eyes, forever!

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