Here are the best organic skincare routines for oily skin

Waking up and representing a frying pan? A shimmery shine that is uncalled for… yes! Oily skin gives us a feeling of a greasy day when you have to wash your face multiple times to discover your own features by your own self! 

Oily skin is a challenge only those may understand who are suffering from it. While oily skin has its own perks such as less prone to wrinkles and slow in aging, maintaining and caring for this specific type is an encounter you don’t want to face.

 Foremost advice, leave the chemical-laden products ASAP. Chemicals are a nemesis to your oily skin! These are the traitors that basically put your skin in danger as they are prone to make you skin extra dry.  

Today, we are sharing some precious steps for your skincare routine that you may follow for a more effective and oil free day.

Morning Rituals

Hydrate and Meditate:

As soon as you wake up, a glass of water soothes you physically as well as spiritually, relax and endeavor the blessings of nature and enjoy the calm this morning has to give.

Meditate or stretch some yoga poses to freshen up the blood flow in your stream. Remember!  A healthy and happy mind will reflect on the glow of your skin.

Cleanse with Nature’s embrace:


Pamper your skin with a light organic cleanser for a breathable skin experience. Using a Tea tree Cleanser will clear the clogged pores and will control oil production throughout the day.

It is nothing new that tea tree has always played a crucial role in oil and acne free skin, using it on a daily basis won’t harm your skin as it calms and controls acne prone skin.

Use this time to massage gently for a better blood flow in your skin.

This routine can be used at night for removing your make up thoroughly and avoid leaving any residue during the night.



Don’t forget to exfoliate the skin to remove excess oil. This step can be done during the day time with an effective Konjac Sponge that won’t be harsh to your acne.

Tone effectively:


Tone your skin with either a Tea Tree or Turmeric Toner while applying it with a cotton pad without rinsing. This softens your skin and reduces the oil production through the day.

Have a Rose spray ready in your bag for extra hydration and refreshing look.


Instead of moisturizing daily, you may add serums to your routine skin care. Keep the moisturizer for night time of use it rarely to avoid the shiny look on your face.

An Acne Serum will complete your skin care routine and fix the chaos of oil on your face. Serums having Retinol and Vitamin E can also serve the purpose. 

Sunscreen; You Savior:

Sun can almost fry you when it comes to oily skin. A chemical free, organic sunscreen will save your day!

Bonus Tip:

Treasure in your kitchen cabinet

Turmeric is a wonder medicine for a flawless skin especially when it comes to having oily skin. A turmeric toner can add a remarkable effect on your everyday skin care routine. 

It is your best friend in the times when acne ruins your world. Make a Turmeric masks adding Retinol Serum can benefit you in many ways.


Practice this skincare routine daily and see the magical difference. Always keep in mind, you are the best thing that can happen to you.

Pamper yourself, soothe your soul and your beauty will reflect the peace within you. Keep shining!

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